We are
re-imagining local

Mobitino is a location based Social Network
connecting People & Places, delivering true
hyperlocal experience.

Come, Everyone is Here !!

Discover, Connect & More
be globally local


Explore categories from Product, Food, Services, Utilities and more.

Discover, Connect & Check IN nearby stores & their offering & find what they're buzzing.

Buy & place order directly from any stores via messaging, while making payment securely & seamlessly through Coinrr.

So whats the buzz aLL About

We are buzzing

 We curate & deliver buzz for you from & around your locality & connection, be it News/Story, Stores offering, buzz from someone which matters more for you.

Insta Buzz

Post Insta Buzz update & Engage with your Network.

 Looking For

Ask your locality/community, What are you looking For & get recommendation.

All New Messaging

All new messaging is driven by factors such as your connection, Safe Contacts, location etc allowing you to connect & Chat with people & stores while placing Order & Paying all from here.

For us Privacy is very important and so your is contact is not shared/visible to anyone and moreover you can further protect with advance privacy.

Discover & Connect with People & stores in a locality Via direct messaging.
Link & Sync your Phone Contacts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Gmail and Find suggested people you may know /Invite here and be locally Connected.
Messaging & Connecting
Now connect with people from your Contact & Stores in any locality. You can be messaged by anybody however to maintain Privacy, your connection message is seen in Message box.

You can message as Text, Add/Share images, location and can ask & Pay directly through Coinrr integrated in the message. We will shortly add expressive emojis ahead.
Now Messaging experience in mobitino is uplifted with the possibility of creating order, Paying for the order, tracking Order, direct chat with store and much more. We are adding enriching hyperlocal user experience all through Messaging.

Coinrr Pay - Its more than Currency

Coinrr is derived from "Coin" which has evolved symbolizing modern barter system that changed the way how we exchange goods/Service. While "rr" in coinrr represents "remitter & receiver", any "parties" that are involved in a transaction. Now Pay Money, Securely & Seamlessly


Your unique Mobitino user ID / registered Mobile number/ Primary VPA is your Coinrr Payment ID which you can use for collecting & Making the payment.

LINK & Pay Directly from BANK / CARD

Now Securely Connect your Bank with Coinrr - Powered by BHIM UPI & link your Card to Pay Simply as Tap & Go in Coinrr.


Scan & Pay Via Coinrr across any Bharat QR enabled Store or Pay at any Store where Coinrr is Accepted either through QR or Card enabled POS. Coinrr can also be used to pay at any POS terminal via Coinrr Linked Cards Tap & Go in app/Card.