Charges & Plans

Find below Schedule of Charges for various payment method as per user type

Personal USER : Coinrr (BHIM UPI)                                                                               


We don't Charge Personal User for Coinrr UPI usage. 

Business USER : COINRR (BHIM UPI)                                                                                 


A Flat rate of 1% is charged to Business user as Collection & Settlement Charges alongwith Volume based Transaction Cashback for Merchants to encourage Merchant to adopt digital payment channel. 

Volume based Transaction Cashback
1. Upto 10000/Day - 1%
2. Above 
₹10001 Upto ₹100000/day - 0.75%
3. Above ₹50001 Upto ₹250000/day - 0.50%
4. Above ₹250001/day - Free 

Mystore : All in one APP FOR STORE                                                                        


Store can use Mystore app to manage store, collect payment, messaging, get leads and many more. Mystore app can be used in any mobile/Tablet with Android OS. However we provide POS and other store Hardware (Please check url: which facilitates store. 

Mystore Plans start with Breeze which is Free and upgrade to Storm for more facilities.
1. Breeze Store Plan - Free unlimited with limits and restriction
2. Storm Store Plan - 
₹1999/Month (with More features, discount pricing and Support) 

Disclaimer : Your Mobitino Password & Coinrr Passcode needs to kept secret and should not be shared with anyone even if someone claim to be Employee of Mobitino.